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Readying for a Hurricane

All residents of Florida should know how to prepare for a windstorm or hurricane, and should have a plan of action ready if one were to occur. For our agency, your protection is our primary goal both in terms of making sure you have the right insurance to safeguard you in the event of a storm and giving you the information you need to keep yourself and your family safe. Use the information below and contact our agency if you would like to review your coverage policy.


Also, visit the Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management's severe weather page for more information and tips.


  • Hurricane season: Typically runs from the beginning of June to the end of November
  • Tropical depression: A storm system with maximum winds of 38 mph or less
  • Tropical storm: A storm system with maximum winds of 39-73 mph
  • Hurricane: A storm system with maximum winds of 74 mph or higher
  • Storm/Hurricane Watch: Current conditions mean a storm is possible within the next 48 hours
  • Storm/Hurricane Warning: A storm is expected within the next 36 hours

Pre-storm Preparation

  • Know your local evacuation routes
  • Create an emergency communication plan for your family
  • Be aware of how to access and receive local emergency alerts
  • Keep your trees trimmed and clear any debris around your home to prevent damage
  • Keep your roof, windows, and doors secure and maintained
  • Consider purchasing a generator or building a storm shelter
  • Put together a disaster supply kit containing the following items:
    • Medication and first aid supplies
    • Non-perishable food with a can opener
    • Enough water for both drinking and sanitation
    • A weather radio
    • A flashlight
    • A signaling device such as a noisemaker or whistle
    • Duct tape
    • Sanitary wipes and trash bags
    • A map
    • Cell phone chargers
    • Spare batteries

Post-storm Recovery

  • Be sure to stay tuned to media outlets for official updates and instructions
  • Use social media to check in with friends and family
  • If you have evacuated, do not return home until it is declared safe
  • Stay alert for dangerous debris and downed powerlines
  • Avoid travelling through flood waters, no matter how shallow

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Thank you Brian Samberg and the representatives at South East Insurance. Your commitment to your clients and their loved ones is above the standard of any insurance business as the customer service and knowledge is remarkable from each and every one of your staff. We thank you and offer you the highest recommendation.
- Priscila and Steven, L.
Southeast Insurances found me a great rate and saved me thousands on my homeowner's insurance. The personal attention was unmatched. I know I have an agent I can count on in any emergency.
- BJ S.
It is more my nature to write letters that complain about poor service. But this letter is quite the opposite. I have never and I mean never, been given such professional advice, great quotes, and personal service from any organization, as I did with yours. Brian, I am very proud that Southeast Insurance is my go to agency. If you ever need a reference please add me to the top of the list.
- Bruce L.
Insurance is insurance..something we all need. The one element that your company provides is the personal touch. This separates you from everyone else. This is special in the day when all we usually get are faxes and email
- Dr. Richard S.
I chose Southeast Insurance for my insurance needs because Brian took the time to explain in detail the benefits vs. cost of each of the policies that I had outstanding. In the past I have had to use many different companies without the personal service that Brian exemplifies. I would and have recommended him to everyone that has asked for help in this area.
- Eric R.
We have been a client of Southeast Insurance for many years and Brian has always come through with the best value on quality policies. The only thing they do better than their price is their customer service. They always make you feel like a friend and are willing to educate their clients on all their insurance needs. The best compliment you can give is a referral and over the years, we have sent Brian all of our friends and family.
- Danielle & Doug
I just had an experience with a brand new Lexus that was involved in an accident 5 days after purchase. Everything was a mess, the insurance hadn't been switched yet (my fault, hadn't called yet) the Dealership hadn't completed all the paperwork etc. I couldn't get answers from the Dealership body shop, Rental company etc. One call to Brian at Southeast and he personally (while with a client) spoke to the Body Shop Manager, the Hertz rental guy and Travelers and everything was taken care of instantly. I haven't had to do a thing but answer a phone call from Travelers. If you think there isn't a difference of having a great Independent Insurance agent (also got me the best price), Think again. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made!
- David Freidenreich
Great agency that has the client's needs at the forefront of the insurance process. I was able to refer a client from the north east that was taking over the financial responsibilities of a local parent and was concerned about the cost for the coverage provided through another agency. Not only did Brian and his staff respond within an hour, he was able to provide BETTER coverage at a more affordable rate. That is the beauty of having an independent agent who represents the best companies doing business in Florida and have the client's needs as the guiding principle of their business. Thank you for all you do and I will continue to refer clients from the "northeast" to Southeast Insurance!
- John Fear
Brian and his team are the Best! They are very professional, knowledgeable, and get the best deals. I recommend Southeast Insurance to all my friends.
- Doug Manolakos